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2012 Polaris Long List Fast Facts

· by Aaron Brophy

It’s not just the music journalists who are having a field day with the just announced 2012 Polaris Music Prize Long List, it’s the musical statisticians as well.

Below are some fast facts about the Polaris Music Prize 2012 Long List.

Twenty of the 40 acts nominated this year have made it on previous Long Lists either on their own or as major contributors to other groups.

Bahamas – second nomination
Coeur De Pirate – second nomination
Leonard Cohen – second nomination
Kathleen Edwards – second nomination
Feist – second nomination
Fucked Up – second nomination
Great Lake Swimmers – second nomination
Japandroids – second nomination
Dan Mangan – second nomination
Sandro Perri – second nomination
PS I Love You – second nomination
John K. Samson – second nomination * if you count Weakerthans past nom
Bry Webb – second nomination * if you count Constantines past nom
The Weeknd – second nomination
Yukon Blonde – second nomination
Cadence Weapon – third nomination
Joel Plaskett – third nomination
Patrick Watson – third nomination
Kathryn Calder – fourth nomination * if you count her three in New Pornographers
Handsome Furs – fourth nomination * if you count Dan Boeckner's two noms with Wolf Parade

Twelve of the 40 acts nominated this year have made it on previous Short Lists either on their own or as major contributors to other groups.

Cadence Weapon… in 2006
Kathryn Calder… in 2006 with New Pornographers
Kathleen Edwards… in 2008
Feist… in 2007
Fucked Up… in 2009
Great Lake Swimmers … in 2009
Handsome Furs … in 2006 when Dan Boeckner was in Wolf Parade
Dan Mangan… in 2010
Joel Plaskett… in 2007 and 2009
John K. Samson… in 2008 as a member of The Weakerthans
Patrick Watson… in 2007 and 2009
The Weeknd… in 2011

Two of the 2012 Long List nominees are past champions.

Patrick Watson in 2007 for “Close To Paradise”
Fucked Up in 2009 for “The Chemistry Of Common Life”

The following acts are hitting the Polaris Long List for the first time ever.

A Tribe Called Red
Marie-Pierre Arthur
Rich Aucoin
Avec pas d’casque
Azari & III
The Barr Brothers
Blackie And The Rodeo Kings
Cannon Bros
Cold Specks
Rose Cousins
Mark Davis
Mares Of Thrace
Ariane Moffatt
Lindi Ortega
Shooting Guns
The Slakadeliqs
Yamantaka // Sonic Titan


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