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Polaris Gala / Sep 17
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Polaris Music Prize stands as a Global leader in the advocacy of music as an art form. The annual Prize is an opportunity to demonstrate the true diversity and talent Canada has to offer. Polaris Music Prize has been able to achieve this by working with a select panel of music critics, community stakeholders, and sponsors. We are committed to creating authentic partnerships with our sponsors and prioritize partners who have a proven track record of supporting Canadian musicians and align with Polaris Music Prize’s mission, vision, and values.

Thank you to all of our partners who help to make our work possible.

Interested in becoming a sponsor? We strive to create a comprehensive benefits package that will deliver real value to your brand and your company’s strategic objectives. We invite you to be a partner with us and make it your own. Please contact Polaris Music Prize Executive Director at amber AT for more information.

We’d be happy to discuss a sponsor partnership with you. Please email us to initiate a discussion.

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