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2012 Short List Fast Facts

· by Aaron Brophy

Much in the same way that we had a bit of fun hunting down some 2012 Polaris Music Prize Long List fast facts, we also decided to do a bit of nerding out about the recently-announced Short List.

Here, then, are some fast facts about the Polaris Music Prize 2012 Short List:

The following acts have made the Short List for the first time:
Cold Specks
Handsome Furs

The following acts have made the Short List for the second time:
Cadence Weapon – also in 2006 for Breaking Kayfabe
Kathleen Edwards – also in 2008 for Asking For Flowers
Feist – also in 2007 for The Reminder
Fucked Up – also in 2009 for The Chemistry Of Common Life

No act has ever been nominated for the Short List three times for their own projects, though Dan Boeckner of Handsome Furs also managed to get on the Short List twice through his participation in Wolf Parade. Likewise, Feist has made the Short List twice as a member of Broken Social Scene.

All acts who’ve made the Short List twice in the past:
Arcade Fire 2007, 2011
The Besnard Lakes 2007, 2010
Broken Social Scene 2006, 2010
Cadence Weapon 2006, 2012
Caribou 2008, 2010
Kathleen Edwards 2008, 2012
Hey Rosetta! 2009, 2011
Feist 2007, 2012
Final Fantasy/Owen Pallett 2006, 2010
Fucked Up 2009, 2012
K’naan 2006, 2009
Malajube 2006, 2009
Metric 2006, 2009
Joel Plaskett Emergency 2007, 2009
Shad 2008, 2010
Chad VanGaalen 2007, 2009
Patrick Watson 2007, 2009

Throughout the seven year history of Polaris there have been 53 separate acts to make the Short List. To view a full list of Short and Long List nominees throughout Polaris history go HERE.


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