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Polaris Impact Report 

· by Elizabeth Mclellan

Polaris Impact Report 

At the heart of our organization lies a relentless pursuit of impact, where uplifting Canadian musicians resonates as our core purpose.  Delve into our 2023 Impact Report as we unveil how the Polaris Music Prize has catalyzed transformative growth for artists across the nation. 

Unveiling the Impact: Polaris Music Prize’s Collaboration with Nordicity

In an exciting collaboration with Nordicity, we embarked on a journey to unravel the transformative power of our recognition on past nominees and winners. The findings, encapsulated in this Impact Report, offer a compelling narrative of growth, resilience, and opportunity within the Canadian music industry.

A Deep Dive into Artist Impact

For the first time in its history, the Polaris Music Prize engaged in a comprehensive study to assess the tangible effects of its recognition on artists’ careers. Nordicity meticulously analyzed the experiences of artists from their initial nomination or win to their most recent, providing a nuanced understanding of our influence on career trajectory.

The report delves into several key areas:

  • General Career Growth: Nearly half of the artists surveyed credit their Polaris Music Prize nomination and/or win for significantly or moderately boosting the overall advancement of their music careers.
  • Audience and Following Growth: Artists experienced substantial growth in their social media following (+126%), followers on revenue-generating platforms (+157%), and audiences at live performances (+90%) following their first nomination or win.
  • Revenue Growth: A staggering 82% of artists saw an increase in income from music sales, live performances, and sync deals following their Polaris Music Prize recognition.
  • Access to Funding and Opportunities: Artists experienced enhanced eligibility for public grants, securing more sync deals, and a boost in the overall amount of funding received.
  • Professional Networks and Media Attention: Following their Polaris Music Prize recognition, artists expanded their professional networks, secured more media appearances and mentions, and garnered increased credibility within the industry.

Strategic Planning and Future Prospects

The release of the Impact Report marks a pivotal moment for the Polaris Music Prize. Armed with quantifiable data affirming its transformative impact, we are poised to chart a strategic course for the future. The strategic planning committee, convened in 2023, will utilize the report’s insights to inform future initiatives, partnerships, and outreach efforts.

The report’s findings are already being leveraged to bolster Polaris Music Prize’s standing within the industry. From grant applications to sponsor prospect proposals, the quantifiable impact outlined in the report serves as a testament to the PMP’s enduring value and relevance.

Addressing Challenges and Fostering Engagement

While the Impact Report celebrates the Polaris Music Prize’s successes, it also sheds light on areas for improvement. The administrative cleanup necessitated by the lack of artist legacy contact upkeep underscores the importance of artist stewardship and engagement. Moving forward, Polaris is committed to implementing a comprehensive artist stewardship plan to ensure continued support and engagement.

In Conclusion, the Impact Report serves as a testament to the Polaris Music Prize’s unwavering commitment to championing Canadian artists and fostering a vibrant, inclusive music community. As we look to the future, guided by the insights gleaned from this report, we remain steadfast in our dedication to elevating Canadian music on the global stage.

Stay tuned as we embark on the next chapter of our journey, fueled by a shared passion for creativity, innovation, and artistic excellence.


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