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Polaris People August 17: Weird YT//ST Stories, New Feist Stuff

· by Aaron Brophy

Have you heard about our Polaris Peep Show yet?

It’s not some creepy burlesque night featuring Fucked Up’s Damian Abraham and Polaris founder Steve Jordan in an erotic hula hoop contest (though it could be if you’re persuasive).

No, it’s more like the pre-party, the during-party, and the after-party that will accompany our big Polaris Gala on September 24. And going to this party just might get you upgraded to the actual Gala.

And the Gala? You’re going to want to be there, because this year’s Short List is, as Lil Mama says, poppin’.

Let’s see what the Polaris People were up to this week:

Checking in with this year’s Short Listers, Feist has been busy. First, there was that “Anti-Pioneer” video, and now there’s a Trust remix of “Graveyard,” too.

Meanwhile, YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN have been telling people about their weirdest touring stories. In illustrated form.

Fellow 2012 contender Drake continues to be an alpha newsmaker. This week he humbled HOVA, confirmed the guest list for that Aaliyah album of his, and had a few good workouts.

Past champs, current Short Listers and potential threat to become the first two-time Polaris winners Fucked Up announced they’re working on their new record. It’s about dinosaurs. (No, it’s not.)

Over at No Depression they’ve been contemplating Kathleen Edwards‘ life A.V. (after Voyageur). Also, Edwards is “a portage maniac.”

Grimes, the person who quite literally every person I know wants to become friends with, continues to be, like, the best. Azealia Banks has graduated from wanting to look like her to wanting to work with her, Gwyneth Paltrow is totally rocking out to her, she’s getting to co-host The Wedge with her Polaris adversaries, and even Jimmy Fallon is like, “Sure, come hang and maybe play a bit if you want.”

Rob Benvie, the occasional author and guitarist with 2007 Short Listers The Dears, talked about his five favourite albums with the CBC. Check it for the rare intersection of Shellac and Missy Elliott in print. And in someone’s heart.

2011 Polaris champs Arcade Fire only have about a month left with the title belt, so what better to cement their legacy than with a pop up video?

Polaris People’s fashion section this week has Metric in Australian Vogue and Radio Radio explain how they felt like they needed to pee themselves when they confronted a lot of hats.

In live show news, past Short Listers Joel Plaskett, Timber Timbre and Tegan And Sara (see also T&S’ sex advice column) announced new tour dates.

Those booker-types also aren’t being shy about piling Short- and Long-Listers past and present on to their bills, like at Halifax Pop Explosion in Halifax, Big Time Out in Cumberland, BC, or at Scene 1425 in Laval, QC.


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