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Polaris People For The Week Of April 13 ““ Dears Rant, Free Malajube, Metric Accusations And More

· by Aaron Brophy

If last month was supposed to be Death March, what's this month? April-calypse? ‘Cause it sure doesn't feel any less busy.

Here at Polaris Central we've been up to all kinds of things. We've got Salons happening in Toronto and Vancouver on April 17, then one in Montreal on April 28. On top of that, two of the Salons we did in February in Vancouver and Montreal are now podcasts courtesy of AUX TV.

We aren't the only ones being busy, though. The actual musicians, the whole reason we exist, were full-on working, too.

Here's what those various Polaris People did this week:

According to Natalia Yanchak of past Shortie rockers The Dears, the kids these days don't know how to dance to rock ‘n' roll.

The National Hockey League playoffs have started. Which means (logically) Vice would do an article pitting drummer Jonah Falco of 2009 champs Fucked Up versus a Nashville Predators blogger.

2011 Short List nominees Austra talked to Jian. You can relive it here.

Year one Short Listers Metric have been hosting listening parties for their new album. Most of you weren't invited. Which is a bummer because Emily Haines has been randomly accusing people at them of having sex with her band.

And while we're still on the topic of lurid things, apparently the thought of Mastodon covering her music is giving Feist wet dreams.

The kids at AUX TV have been up to shenanigans again. This time they've made an animated gif of two-time nominee K'naan's near pratfall during his Juno Awards appearance.

Malajube, another group of double Short Listers, are playing a free show in Montreal on April 14. Hopefully you're reading this before then.

The creeps in Timber Timbre recently recorded a Daytrotter session. You kinda hafta pay for them now.

Tegan And Sara have started spilling secrets about their new album. Synopsis: A&R people aren't all bad and they like to play word games on their blackberries.

Finally, the East Coast Music Awards are happening this weekend in Moncton, NB. Polaris alums Hey Rosetta! and Jenn Grant will be amongst those fighting for awards.


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