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Polaris People For The Week Of August 16: Austra's Madness And Destroyer's Tour

· by Aaron Brophy

You guys are all up on This Charming Charlie, right? Y’know, the tumblr that combines Peanuts comics with lyrics from Smiths songs? Trust me, this will be an invaluable resource for all your future internet adventures.

In the world of real-life adventures, we’re getting set to announce the lineup for the 2013 Polaris Gala next week. It will be a very exciting event. So exciting, in fact, that we’d go so far as to suggest you get yourself a ticket now before all the names are announced and these puppies sell out. Alternately, you can try to win your way into the Gala. And while you’re still trying to win stuff, you might as well take your best shot at scoring a free Scion tC automobile as well.

Meanwhile, our favourite people, the Polaris People, were doing interesting things again this week. Let’s see what some of them got up to.

First up, we’d like to congratulate 2009 champs Fucked Up for finally building an official website. You’re part of the system now, man. Oh, and they also did an interview with Brooklyn Vegan.

The internet was all aflutter recently because 2012 Short Lister Grimes threw down Taylor Swift and Britney Spears songs during a Richie Hawtin-endorsed Boiler Room party in Ibiza. Ms. Boucher, if you really want to impress us next time play Vanilla Ice’s “Ninja Rap.”

Grimes was also recently part of a Canadian invasion at Oslo, Norway’s OYA Festival which also included current Short Listers Metz and Godspeed You! Black Emperor. It’s like a reverse Viking invasion.

Here’s a message from current Short Listers Tegan And Sara about where to put your foot… feet… foot-feet.

There continues to be no shortage of Drake news.

1) He gets invited to a lot of Shabbat dinners.

2) He’s declared himself the winner in his beef with Common.

3) He’s a very specific type of person.

4) He’s one of the best artists in the game.

5) He’s co-hosting another one of those crazy King Of The Dot events on August 23-24.

The indie scene’s Sherlock Holmes are increasingly convinced that 2011 Polaris champs Arcade Fire will be releasing an album called Reflektor on September 9. The clue that’s leading them to this conclusion: street graffiti.

Fair warning. Yamantaka // Sonic Titan aren’t ours anymore. Pitchfork just reviewed the band’s new single “One.”

In touring news, Destroyer — the Dan Bejar version, not the Thor adversary version — has announced a North American tour. He’ll be taking fellow Polaris People Pink Mountaintops along for the ride.

Elsewhere, past Short Listers Austra recently took some time out to explain the madness of being a touring musician to the Irish Examiner. Says Katie Stelmanis: “There are moments you go a bit crazy. You have to take precautions to safeguard your sanity.”

Finally, the folks at Halifax Pop Explosion clearly know where it’s at. They’ve booked Polaris People like Metz, Young Galaxy, Japandroids, Fucked Up, Braids, The Besnard Lakes, Tony Deker of Great Lake Swimmers, Hannah Georgas, Jenn Grant, Brian Borcherdt‘s Dusted project, Joel Plaskett, Chad VanGaalen, Dirty Beaches, KEN Mode, Louise Burns, Shad, Suuns, Woodpigeon and Zeus. This all goes down October 22-26.


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