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Polaris People For The Week Of August 23: Tegan And Sara's New Friend, Murray Lightburn's Loneliness

· by Aaron Brophy

So, we had our first sit-down with Polaris Gala hosts Kathleen Edwards and Shad this week. It was pretty amazing. Right now we can guarantee there’ll be swearing, parody, costume changes and quite possibly some references to diarrhea. We do this stuff classy-like.

Oh, and there are going to be legit famous people at the Gala. For reals. Stay tuned for more info on that.

At this point we would advise that if you want to attend the Gala and you’re not a Short List nominee or sponsor that you buy your tickets now. Since announcing who’s performing at the Gala they’ve been selling like hotcakes.

We’re going to London, too.

Now let’s take a look at what some of our favourite people, the Polaris People, have been up to recently.

First, our special friends and broadcast partners at AUX TV have made a profile about current Short List nominees Metric.

Second, fellow current Short List nominees Tegan And Sara have made a new special friend — Taylor Swift. They need to play together all the time apparently.

Another current Short Lister has already won big on the awards circuit. A Tribe Called Red took home three awards at the Aboriginal Peoples Choice Awards.

Meanwhile, current Short Listers Young Galaxy have just announced their nominated album Ultramarine will now come with more “ultra.” A forthcoming deluxe edition set to arrive on Sept. 23 will feature 11 new tracks. The band were also recently served up a “Cancon Questionnaire.”

Also, Colin Stetson has hurt his finger. We’ve been going halfsies on hyperbaric chamber sessions in the hopes that he’ll be healed up in time to perform at the Gala. Also, if you want to learn his circular breathing technique he has some advice — start young.

news continues to roll in. Here are the latest bits:

1) He appeared a 16 year-old’s birthday party.

2) He’s helping bring rap tees back.

3) He finds some female police officers “cute.”

4) His forthcoming album now has cover art.

is going to be one of the co-hosts for the MTV VMAs Red Carpet show. (Also, Steve’s looking for Gary the Pole Dancer. Hook him up, yo.)

Anyone not hear that new cover of Arcade Fire‘s “Ready To Start” that’s making the rounds? It’s almost enough to make someone want to shout, shout, let it all out about.

Murray Lightburn of two-time Short Listers The Dears has officially released his solo Mass:Light album. To the best we can tell it has been an exercise in embracing loneliness and finding one’s innocence.

Finally, our 2013 Grand Jury was recently unveiled. With great power comes great responsibility and it appears at least one of the 11 controllers of this year’s Polaris destiny is taking her job seriously.


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