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Polaris People For The Week Of January 25: Deadly Snakes Books And Roxette Connections

· by Aaron Brophy

How about that Coachella lineup? I think they missed a band. Maybe two. Like the Scorpions or something. But that’s it. Everyone else is playing.

It’s unlikely this Polaris rep will be attending. We’ve already got tickets for Couchella. It’s being headlined this year by Netflix and a Grand Theft Auto IV marathon jam session. Rumour has it the cat might make a special appearance, but she’s Courtney Love-level temperamental.

Some of our favourite people, the Polaris People, will be at Coachella (sadly they’re all backing out of Couchella). Let’s see what some of them were up to this week:

It’s been a long time since first-year Short Listers The Deadly Snakes have been mentioned in around here, what with them having already been broken up before they were nominated in 2006. But that’s all changed because there’s a book about them called The Deadly Snakes: Real Rock and Roll Tonight and it’s excerpted in The Walrus.

Former champs Arcade Fire are selling the church/studio they recorded The Suburbs in. On the upside, the building clearly has magic in it. On the down side, it doesn’t so much have a working roof.

In Arcade Fire associate news, 2011 Short Lister Colin Stetson has achieved one degree of separation from another Polarite (should I try to make that a thing?), Kathleen Edwards, thanks to his enlisting of her special friend Justin Vernon from Bon Iver to help on his forthcoming album.

Speaking of Kathleen Edwards, the two-time Short Lister has achieved an honour that perhaps eclipses any acclaim she’s received for her association with Polaris — she’s been featured on the Daily Roxette, your home for all breaking Roxette related news.

Radio Radio, the linguistic gymnasts who made the Short List in 2010, have a new video clip for “Comment ca va.” It breaks brave new ground in the world of breast-feeding-positive booty rap cinema.

Question: If Grimes and Solange appear in the same place at the same time isn’t there a risk the internet will break?

So, Broken Social Scene is teaming up with House Of Anansi to solicit original short stories in some way or another inspired by You Forgot It In People. We don’t really want to undermine this venture because we like everyone involved, but please, please, PLEASE… if you are a writer, and you are consider submitting something, do try to make it BSS/One Direction crossover erotic fan fiction.

Julie Doiron
made the Short List in 2007. That’s exactly 10 years after the creation of one of her favourite albums of all-time — Bjork’s Homogenic. She also likes Pavement’s Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain and a couple others we won’t tell you about so that you’ll be curious enough to click through.

The lesson here: If a pack of unruly teenagers challenge you to meet Drake, he will magically appear — like a unicorn — and win the day for you.

Finally, we here in Polarisland don’t live in a bubble, we know there are other awards out there, we just happen to only officially care about full-length Canadian albums. So here’s a “Hello” to the folks at the new Prism Prize, dedicated to determining the best Canadian music video of the year, and to the INDIES, saluting Canadian independent music — they just announced their 2013 nominees.


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