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Polaris People For The Week Of July 6 ““ Shooting Guns vs. Leonard Cohen, Mark Davis Gardens, Slakadeliqs Enjoy Air Conditioning

· by Aaron Brophy

We’ve added a new thing to the Polaris Universe called “Polaris Profiles.â€

Basically, Polaris Profiles are like Polaris Salons all hopped up on Mountain Dew. They’re going to specifically apply to events we host that will feature an artist performance component on top of a Salon-like interview with a Polaris juror.

The first one we’re doing is happening July 16 in Vancouver with Kathryn Calder. Which also happens to be one day before the big Polaris Music Prize Short List announcement in Toronto.

We have absolutely know idea who amongst this year’s 40 Long List artists will move on, but in the same way a mom’s supposed to love all her children equally, we’ll be sad for those who don’t move on.

Meanwhile, our favourite people, the Polaris People, continued to do interesting things this week. Here’s what some of them were up to:

On the first-timer Long List beat…

Shooting Guns have been setting their sights on Leonard Cohen.

Marie-Pierre Arthur has been winning awards.

The Slakadeliqs have taken to sleeping directly in front of air conditioners.

Yamantaka//Sonic Titan want everyone to check out their “Hoshi Neko†video.

… and Mark Davis celebrated his Long List nomination by doing some gardening.

In other news, Jeremy Schmidt of the once-Short Listed, once-Long Listed Black Mountain clan has been getting a bit of attention for his Sinoia Caves work.

Two-time Short Listers Metric recently got some love from NPR and Rolling Stone. And if Emily Haines wants it, apparently some Tumblr folk are willing to share their love, too. Although it might result in fainting.

CBC Music host and Polaris juror Vish Khanna has been calling Mike Belitsky of once-Short Listed, once-Long Listed band The Sadies in a pattern that borders on harassment. Belitsky doesn’t seem to mind, though.

The Democrat And Chronicle has declared that nobody can play saxophone like 2011 Short Lister Colin Stetson. For his part, Stetson’s just happy he owns a bass sax that’s never had anything “weird†done to it.

Fear not, those of you who were concerned that past Short and Listers Holy Fuck were done because of Brian Borcherdt’s Dusted project can rest easy. He says the band ain’t finished. Mostly HF’s members have been reproducing.

And finally, music promoter-types continue to see the merits of including Polaris People in their events what with Supercrawl in Hamilton, ON, Shorefest in Vancouver, BC, the Halifax Pop Explosion in Halifax, NS and the Summersonic fest, also in Halifax, all booking Polaris alumni for their events.


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