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Polaris People For The Week Of June 15 ““ Japandroids In-Depth, Long List Headlines, Broken Socionics Scene

· by Aaron Brophy

My goodness. The 2012 Polaris Long List is finally here. It's so good it's giving us the vapors. But what do you think? Don't be shy telling us how you really feel. Everyone else is.

In the meantime, though, feel free to check out our recently assembled 2012 Long List fast facts for a quick history primer.

It's a particularly exciting time in Polaris People tabulation land because we have 40 new records (and people) to talk about. So let's get started shall we?

But first, let us take a quick snapshot of what some publications are saying about the Long List:

Ottawa Citizen
Vancouver Sun
Rolling Stone
Global Montreal
Toronto Star
Vancouver Sun
Georgia Straight
National Post

If there's one thing we can take from this, it's that having a band name that's five letters long or less stands you a higher likelihood of getting mentioned into Polaris-related headlines. Or be Leonard Cohen.

Also, are the Polaris jurors being meanie jerks again for not nominating Carly Rae Jepsen?

Now. On to more important things. Namely Tegan And Sara fanfiction. And gifs. And memes. This is the best of the internet right here.

2012 Long Listers (that feels fun to say) Japandroids are getting a little crazy with all their social media-izing. Also, here's a pretty deep feature on ‘em.

Bry Webb and Sandro Perri, another pair of 2012 Long Listers, will be part of the Summerworks Performance Festival.

In fascinating and moderately bizarre news, fellow Long Lister John K. Samson is poised to join the ranks of David Hasselhoff and Billy Talent. Meh, it's less weird than this.

Over in the Polaris Politics department, 2010 champs Karkwa look right at home glad-handing. Meanwhile, past Short Lister, present Long Lister Dan Mangan has the angries.

Twice Short Listed dead discoers Metric have just released their new “Synthetica†album and Exclaim, National Post, CBS, Toronto Star, Spinner, Metro and AUX (in fancy new “iPad magazine†form) were amongst those to talk to them.

Cadence Weapon has officially graduated to cultural authority status. Check him talking about loft parties in Montreal and about books in Toronto.

Finally, let us end this week's column by considering the socionics of twice-Short Listed Broken Social Scene.


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