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Polaris People For The Week Of June 28: Joel Plaskett Everywhere, Rhye By Candlelight

· by Aaron Brophy

Things are about to get twitchy.

That’s because Polaris jurors across the country have just submitted their second round of ballots based on the recently announced Polaris Long List. This means we’re close to finding out the the 2013 Polaris Short List, which features the top 10 albums from this vote.

The official reveal for said Short List will happen July 16 in Toronto. It will undoubtedly be “something positive.” But if you’re reading this you probably already know that around here we’re not about slagging off Canadian musics.

Let’s check in then with what some of our favourite people, the acts on the 2013 Polaris Long List, have been up to recently.

Jim Guthrie, the man who took all kinds of time releasing Takes Time, is wasting little time in releasing a companion album to that nominated work. Titled rather obviously Takes Time: Instrumentals & Demos, the new album also has a Simon & Garfunkel cover.

Colin Stetson, the official saxophonist to Polaris, has released a new video for “Who The Waves Are Roaring For” from New History Warfare Vol. 3: To See More Light. There’s a sad broken chair and a man without a shirt in this video.

Rhye, the two dudes whose album Woman has achieved certified grower status, will be hitting the spotlight at the Montreal International Jazz Festival this weekend. There’s a very legit chance, however, that instead of floodlights, this show will go off by candlelight.

There’s a rumour going around that forces are congregating to support Pierre Lapointe and his Punkt album specifically because he wears outfits like this.

We were surprised when we didn’t receive our annual package of goat entrails delivered to Polaris HQ from disenfranchised metal fans, but perhaps that’s because this year’s inclusion of Anciients and KEN Mode has tamed the beast. This theory is based entirely on a single post from Metal Sucks.

If you like Emily Haines from Metric’s look and want to steal it, the folks at It’s Musicfashionlife have created a good primer. If you want to steal her soul, though, you’ll have to meet Haines at the crossroads.

Evening Hymns, the makers of the haunting Spectral Dusk record, have a melancholy new video for “Song To Sleep To.”

A special shout out to the folks behind Hamilton, Ontario’s annual free music festival Supercrawl. They clearly know what’s up because the lineup for the September 13-14 event features Polaris People past and present like Young Galaxy, Joel Plaskett, Fucked Up, Lee Harvey Osmond, Metz, Diamond Rings, Sandro Perri and PS I Love You.

Speaking of shows, the first ever Toronto Urban Roots Festival is going down July 4-7 and its roster is full of Polaris People (Joel Plaskett, Hannah Georgas, Arkells, The Sadies, etc). Polaris has teamed up with the TURF folks to give away some passes to the event. Watch the @PolarisPrize Twitter for your chance to win.

Finally, let’s let Tegan And Sara explain why this has been an awesome week for the forces of good.


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