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Polaris People For The Week Of March 1: Ron Sexsmith Karaoke Choices And Stars Get Theatrical

· by Aaron Brophy

It’s pretty common knowledge that vinyl sales are way up everywhere amongst true believers, but there’s apparently another thought-dead music medium that’s apparently on the rise as well, at least in the States — independent local FM radio stations.

We’ll see how this trends in Canada but we’d welcome a world without DJbot 3000s and monolithic cross-format playlists.

Meanwhile, there’s one segment of the music world that continues to trend ever-upwardly — the Polaris People — let’s find out what good things some of them were up to this week”

Former Polaris champs Fucked Up continue to fly the Polaris-bat signal and gather fellow past-nominees for their events. The band’s fifth and final “Long Winter” party will feature The Sadies, Austra doing a DJ set and ex-Deadly Snakes man Andre Ethier, among others. In other FU news there’s this song and this endorsement. Both have value of a sort.

Congratulations to the very fertile 2011 champions Arcade Fire on their recent Kanpe event. Not only are their efforts helping Haiti, but if we’re to be believed, their children will rise up like the kwisatz haderach to bind Montreal to a glorious future.

Even the theatre world wants a piece of our Polaris People apparently, as Torquil Campbell from Stars, Rufus Wainwright and Julian Brown (Feist, Apostle Of Hustle, etc) will team up to do some sort of Shakespeare-y thing with the Stratford Festival.

Two Hours Traffic
, who Short-Listed in 2008, recently took part in CBC Music’s 5-for-20. They shout out to some familiar names like Constantines and Miracle Fortress.

The ECMAs are coming up soon and 2010 Short Listers Radio Radio will be making multiple appearances around the festivities before touring around Quebec.

Lonely troubadour and 2011 Short-Lister Ron Sexsmith used to dream of dressing like Elton John. Go for it, Ron. Also, his karaoke staples are Deep Purple and Van Halen. As long as it’s DLR and not Van Hagar period we’re good.


Kathleen Edwards has released a video for the “Chameleon/Comedian” from her 2012 Short-Listed album Voyageur. There’s a message in there and it’s bloody unsubtle.

Former 2007 champ Patrick Watson, meanwhile, has apparently reclaimed the fine art of shadow puppetry with the new video for “Blackwind.”

Finally, a sad goodbye to Vancouver’s Olio Festival as the organizers have decided to retire the event. At least they earned a Julie Doiron hug.


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