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Polaris People For The Week Of March 16 ““ Kathleen Edwards Cravings, Tegan, Sara And Alligators, Plaskett Gets High And More

· by Aaron Brophy

Right. Just to reinforce the obvious, the three most important dates to remember in the Judeo-Christian calendar right now are June 14, July 17 and September 24 — the dates for the Polaris Music Prize Long and Short List announcements, and Polaris Gala, respectively.

Just think, we’re only a few months away from adding some new names into that super-exclusive Skull And Bones-like secret society known as the Polaris People.

Some of those Polaris People were ruling the world in their own special way again this week. Here’s what they were up to:

Not to get all Star Magazine off the top, but if 2008 Short List nominee Kathleen Edwards’ cravings are any indication, she’s totally over the moon.

Apparently 2010 Short Lister Dan Mangan has been getting compared to “Drillbit Taylor” writer Seth Rogan a lot. He also explains why he has a beard.

And staying on the topic of Kathleen Edwards and Dan Mangan, but raising them with a double-Short List nominee named K’naan, all three of them (and a bunch of others) will be taking part in various Luminato 2012 art stuff thing type activities.

Tegan And Sara, they of the 2010 Short List nomination for “Sainthood,” recently went out of their way to cure Mamma Yamma of her alligator herpetophopia.

This one’s a little too technological for those of us who still use pencils, but 2009 Short Listers Great Lake Swimmers are not only releasing a proper album soon, but they’ve also supplied exclusive instrumental tracks to “One In A Thousand,” which is, according to the McLelland Group, “the groundbreaking e-book by award-winning photographer Ian Coristine.”

What do the Spiritualized, the Barenaked Ladies and Joel Plaskett all have in common? If you said “crippling heroin addictions?” you’d be wrong. Once Joel Plaskett does it on Wednesday, March 21 as part of a Canadian Music Week kick-off party, all three can say they’ve performed in the CN Tower at some point.

2007 Polaris champ Patrick Watson has decided to take a pass on using bicycles as instruments on upcoming album “Adventures In Your Own Backyard.” That’s probably for the best. The band probably shouldn’t freak out the Montreal International Jazz festival folks too much.

First year Short List alum Cadence Weapon’s new album is going to be called “Hope In Dirt City.”

While hip-hop blogs were all in a tizzy this week about 2011 Short Lister The Weeknd getting into a twitter fight with The Dream, few outlets reported on his religious epiphany.

Are Montreal natives and 2008 Short Listers Plants And Animals finally going to emerge from Arcade Fire’s scene-defining shadow? Who knows? But the band talked to Spinner about it.


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