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Polaris People For The Week Of May 11 ““ Arcade-Ish Fire Sets, Tegan And Carnivale, Weeknd Update And More

· by Aaron Brophy

It’s a poorly kept secret that there’s a special club that all the Polaris Music Prize jurors hang out in to hurl insults at each other, share fart jokes and contemplate The Hunger Games fan fiction.

They also talk about music. Passionately. As in, someone says “X album is awesome,†so Y person goes, “No, it’s poo,†then Z person is like, “No, you’re poo. It’s double-awesome.†That kind of stuff.

Now we’re going to start bringing some of this conversation to you, the public. We’ll be skipping the poo-face talk, but the stuff about the records… yeah, there’ll be lots of that.

Stay tuned. Polaris Picks will be debuting soon.

In the meantime, our favourite Polaris People have been up to many interesting things again this week.

Here’s what they did:

Current reigning Polaris champs the Arcade Fire did a little sneaky recently. They showed up at the Brooklyn Ferry music festival and played Devo covers under the fake name Phi Slamma Jamma.

Tegan And Sara, who were Short Listed in 2010 have totally swerved us on their “carpool confessional†series. They didn’t do the latest one in a car. They did it in a kitchen. But it was cool ‘cause Sophie from Carnivale showed up (sooo random).

The Weeknd has been busy. Last week it was about playing in cemeteries. This week it’s appearing at Drake shows and having new (old) songs hit the internet.

Twice nominated (one Short List, one Long List) Montrealers The Dears are going to be playing the Istanbul Jazz Festival in July. It should not be confused with Constantinople.

Former Polaris champion Patrick Watson apparently has a thing about hats. He also really likes Half Moon Run, Julien Sagot and The Barr Brothers.

Twice Short-Listed rapper K’naan hung out with avid car collector Jay Leno recently. He performed the song “Hurt Me Tomorrow.â€

Radio Radio, who hit the Short List in 2010, explained to the Ottawa Sun about what constitutes higher frequency connectedness feelings humans experience — like sunsets and meeting strangers.

Spin is catching the Dan Mangan fever and explaining how he got one of his first bits of exposure by interrupting a Christmas party.

Finally, more concert organizers continue to show good taste. The Vancouver Folk Festival, Victoria’s Rifflandia Festival, the Wolfe Island Festival in Kingston and the Dooryard Festival in Woodstock, New Brunswick have all seen fit to book past Polaris nominees for their events. That’s guaranteed entertainment, right there.


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