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Polaris People For The Week Of September 14: Feistoids, Grimes' Catholic Guilt, Death-Defying Edwards

· by Aaron Brophy

The Gala is now only 10 days away. You should know all the details by now, right?

There’s the Performers and Grand Jurors, the Peep Show, the Hosts, the Posters, the Rdio Polaris Record Club, the Scion Split 7” series… you’re all on this stuff, right? Good.

That’s because we’re going to take a momentary diversion and congratulate our award friends over at the Barclaycard Mercury Prize, who recently unveiled their 2012 Short List. There are at least four records on that list you need to own asap.

And while we’re still on other awards, the ECHO Songwriting Prize unveiled its five contenders for this year’s prize and it’s comfortingly familiar in that mom’s pot roast kind of way.

Let’s check in with what our favourite people, the Polaris People, were up to this week:

Not to be dramatic, but Kathleen Edwards almost died. Twice. At least she knows how to get her hands on a hot beaver. That, and The Coast and the Ottawa Citizen think she’s the bee’s knees. And No Depression wants to be BFFs with her.

Former champs and current Short List nominees Fucked Up contemplated whether a new band could conduct themselves morally like Fugazi for Rolling Stone.

Fellow 2012 Short Listers Japandroids were photographed hanging around in bushes. And then photographed sort of hanging around drinking ‘n’ stuff.

YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN were on the cover of Now Magazine this week. Our favourite line is “People listen to music so they can identify with something, or so they can feel connected, and, well, there's a lot of other weird people out there.”

The Independent got the goods on how current Short Lister Grimes‘ Catholic guilt has shaped her music. That, and how Montreal is full of crazies.

Cold Specks watches Mob Wives.

In Feist factoids (Feistoids?), did you know that she once covered Prince? She was also repping the ladies at TIFF’s Festival Music House this week. Or was she?

Drake was basically the only Canadian who did anything at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards. He also found the time to become a professional basketball coach (sort of) and really wants to get with Sade and Justine Timberlake. Separately. Or together is fine as well.

In the feeling-important-about-ourselves category, Polaris Gala pre-press is starting to ramp up in places like The Guardian, La Presse, MuchMusic, and Kingston Life.

So much news from our current Short Listers. That means we don’t have time to talk about Arcade Fire‘s special charity show, Hey Rosetta!‘s Honduras help mission, The Weeknd signing to a major label, or that Washingtonian interview with Patrick Watson.


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