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Polaris People For The Week Of September 7: Japandroids Canadroids, Fucked Up Haikus, Cold Specks Food Picks

· by Aaron Brophy

We’re getting soooo close. The Gala’s like two weeks away.

We already told you about our warm-up Polaris Salons and the Polaris Peep Show, and now we’ve announced the Grand Jury and performer list for the Gala. Oh, and if you want to tweet Drake (@Drake) and politely suggest that it’d be totally awesome if he wants to come hang on September 24(seriously), we’d be grateful.

Not that we’re suggesting anything.

We will suggest, however, that you join us in our obsessive-compulsive following of our favourite people, the Polaris People. Here’s what some of them were up to this week:

Current Short List nominee Cold Specks really likes Top Pizza in Lethbridge, Alberta. How do we know this? Because she said so.

In Japandroids news, Classic Rock Magazine has introduced the word “Canadroids” into our lexicon. We’re having a hard time figuring out a way to use it that doesn’t devolve into something like this, though.

Fellow 2012 Short List nominee Drake has apparently squashed that beef with Chris Brown. This is probably because he has better things to do — like play the Made In American festival with Jay-Z and Pearl Jam. And we’re pretty sure news like this helps resolve issues right quick, too.

According to Feist that long wait between albums isn’t going to happen again. She was also part of that recent Greenbelt Harvest Picnic show that ended up being such a big deal that… Surprise!… Emmylou Harris just, y’know, showed up and did a set.

Divine Fits fever may be in full swing but we here haven’t forgotten about current Short List nominees/currently disbanded act Handsome Furs. CP talked to Dan Boeckner about both his new and old band.

Can we say on behalf of current Short Lister Grimes it takes a real dick to steal someone’s instruments? That’s like horse thievery. And you know what they did to horse thieves. In other news, the Washington Post can’t really figure Claire Boucher out. Meanwhile, Quick Before It Melts has made a prediction about the electro artist’s future.

Present Polaris champs Arcade Fire are going to have to relinquish their title belt soon. We know they’re going to be totally broken up about it, but they might have LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy hanging around to help them sop up the tears.

Anybody get tickets to see former champion Patrick Watson perform on a roof? He must be hella jealous that Plants And Animals got to perform in a mine shaft.

Emily Haines of two-time Short Listers Metric is figuring out the best way to support Pussy Riot.

One last thing. You guys know we’re giving away vinyl on Twitter as part of our Rdio Short List listening sessions, right? All you gotta do is write a haiku about the album of the day and tweet it to @polarisprize.

Here’s the winning Fucked Up haiku.

Promethean dreams
smashing lightbulbs and boundaries
you can trust nobody


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