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Rae Spoon Covers Beverly Glenn-Copeland’s “Ever New” For SiriusXM Polaris Cover Sessions

Rae Spoon Covers Beverly Glenn-Copeland’s “Ever New” For SiriusXM Polaris Cover Sessions

Rae Spoon Covers Beverly Glenn-Copeland’s “Ever New” For SiriusXM Polaris Cover Sessions

We’re thrilled to present the latest addition to the SiriusXM Polaris Cover Sessions series. This time, the spotlight shines on the exceptionally talented artist Rae Spoon delivering a captivating rendition of Beverly Glenn-Copeland’s “Ever New.”

In this performance Rae Spoon pays homage to the rich musical heritage of Canadian classics. Known for their unique style and heartfelt storytelling, Spoon brings a fresh perspective to “Ever New,” infusing it with their own personal experiences.

The video of Spoon’s magical cover is now available on the Polaris YouTube and Facebook channels, allowing fans to immerse themselves in the depth and beauty of this extraordinary interpretation. For those seeking an audio experience, the cover can be heard on the Polaris Soundcloud channel.

“I always liked the song ‘Ever New.’ And I think before I had a whole bunch of health experiences where I almost ended up dying a whole bunch of times, ending up in ICU over and over, and then coming out and listening to this song, it felt different to me. I don’t know if that’s because I’ve had these experiences where I’ve been so close to death. I think I always thought there was a lot of hope in this song and I think that’s something Beverly Glenn-Copeland gives in his performances — a lot of hope and renewal,” said Spoon, reflecting on adapting Beverly “Ever New.”

In an intimate production, the video was shot and directed by Daniel Tal, produced and mixed by Spoon, and edited by Sam Iannicelli. Tal said, “we wanted to tell a visual story of renewal that spoke to the lyrics and feel of the song. So you’ll notice that as the performance goes on, the weather shifts from moody and rainy to a clear, beautiful day. The thunderous unrest it opens with is replaced by a serene, sunny energy by the end.”

This beautiful cover by Spoon marks the second of five Cover Sessions planned for 2023, featuring past Polaris nominees interpreting songs from Canadian icons. Spoon has been nominated for the Polaris Music Prize on two separate occasions, making the Long List in 2009 for the album superioryouareinferior and again in 2014 for the album My Prairie Home. Beverly Glenn-Copeland’s 1986 album Keyboard Fantasies, which features “Ever New” as its lead-off track, received Slaight Family Polaris Heritage Prize designation in 2020.

The remaining three 2023 Cover Sessions will be released in advance of this year’s Polaris Gala event happening September 19, 2023 at Toronto’s Massey Hall. Tickets for the Polaris Gala are on sale now.

In total, 19 separate Cover Sessions have been commissioned by Polaris. Other acts who’ve contributed to the series include Zoon, Kaia Kater, Corb Lund, Partner, Faith Healer, Pierre Kwenders, Jean-Michel Blais, Lindi Ortega, Weaves, Little Scream, Hannah Georgas, Les soeurs Boulay, Joel Plaskett, Zaki Ibrahim, Whitehorse, Sarah Harmer, Great Lake Swimmers and Arkells. These performances are available on the Polaris YouTube and Soundcloud channels.

Join us in celebrating the talent, creativity, and transformative power of music through the Polaris Music Prize’s Cover Sessions. Stay connected, subscribe to our channels, and embark on a captivating journey of musical reinvention with Rae Spoon’s cover session!

Cover Sessions are presented by SiriusXM Canada.


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