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Sam The Record Man Sign-Inspired Polaris Tees Have Arrived

· by Aaron Brophy

It used to happen the week before Christmas. Music fans across the country would flip through the paper and see that magical full page ad listing hundreds of cassettes, CDs, VHS tapes and whathaveyou all wildly discounted for that big Boxing Day sale.

Then, when the day came you'd trudge down bright and early to that store with the iconic record logo to beat the line-up. And when the doors opened you'd bust your way through the store (because you already knew it by heart) straight to the best sellers racks, then the indie racks, then over to the singles section deep in the back.

By the time you rolled out of there, all loaded down with your new favourites, it was one of the best feelings a music fan could have — you had a pile of new albums to listen to.

We here at Polaris remember that feeling.

We also remember one of the shining beacons that would help guide our way towards finding that feeling.

So, after some months of careful deliberation and a little bit of “C’mon, this’ll be neat,” the Polaris Music Prize is pleased to announce the arrival of the special Sam The Record Man-evoking “That's Entertainment” t-shirt. With the kind blessing of the Sniderman family Team Polaris will be producing a run of these tees for sale in and around the Polaris Gala.

The shirts will retail for $45 and will be available Saturday Sept. 21 at The Drake General Store and at the Polaris Gala on Monday Sept. 23. The shirts will also be available at The Polaris online store starting next week after the Gala.

Yes, this is the Polaris Music Prize.


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