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The 2010 posters! Feast your eyes.

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Back in ’06 we were trying to figure out what to give our Short List nominees to commemorate the occasion. We looked at a bunch of trophy-type awards but nothing really electrified us. It would have to be better than the Oscar, or the Conn Smythe Trophy. How do you top those?

After a trip to the poster art show Flatstock during SXSW that year, inspiration struck. Let’s give them individually made, limited edition prints! We hooked up with Shawn Pestche who was working for Pop Montreal at the time and now works for Sled Island Festival and Music Calgary. He curates the artists by matching them to the music. The only instruction we give the artists is to use Polaris Music Prize, the year, the name of the nominated artist and the album. The rest is up to them. And the results have been thoroughly captivating.

We’ll have news soon on an auction where you can bid on signed versions of this year’s posters with proceeds going to the music education charity MusiCounts. We are also working on making smaller versions of these posters available to the public for the first time. We’ll let you know as soon as these are available.

In the mean time, have a look see! Just click on “Posters” to the right of this blog entry.


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