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The Weather Station And Jennifer Castle’s Collaboration Session In Focus For Polaris Podcast EP20

The Weather Station and Jennifer Castle have recorded a pair of songs together for the third edition of the Polaris Collaboration Sessions, sponsored by Stingray Music.

Stingray Music host and Polaris juror Zachary Monson spoke to Castle and The Weather Station’s Tamara Lindeman about their musical partnership.

“I’ve looked up to Jennifer for a long time and she’s been a songwriting and singing hero of mine for probably forever,” said The Weather Station’s Lindeman. “I just thought it would be cool to see inside of her process and her world and learn something and it’s actually been really cool because we’re more similar than I thought and I see her doing things and it all makes sense to me and I understand her music better and it’s exciting.”

“I came to the project via Tam and it seemed like just a really rare opportunity to go into the studio and have that resource provided for us,” said Castle. “So I think we both kind of jumped on it on that level. I just feel grateful for a day in the studio today and an opportunity to do something we wouldn’t be able to ‘afford’ to try.”

Also included in this episode is the full audio of The Weather Station’s “I Tried to Wear the World (feat. Jennifer Castle).”

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