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Bubbling Under Acts Featured In Polaris Podcast EP21

With the 2018 Polaris season winding down, we used this episode to highlight some of our producers’ favourite albums which didn’t make the Long List.

We’ll be exploring Woolworm’s Deserve To Die, Laura Sauvage’s The Beautiful, Souljazz Orchestra’s Under Burning Skies and L CON’s Insecurities in Being.

Woolworm’s Giles Roy explained that Deserve To Die isn’t a light-hearted record.

“The album came from obviously a pretty dark place,” he said. “Five or six years of human experiences went into it. The stages of grief come into mind.”

Laura Sauvage’s The Beautiful is deeply connected to a specific time period.

“It’s an influence of like a bunch of ’90s stuff,” said Sauvage. “Let’s say ’98. So in ’98 I would watch MuchMusic all day, so it’s kind of grungy. But I also have a folk background, so it’s very folky, very wacky.”

Souljazz Orchestra’s Pierre Chrétien explained what went into the band’s eighth album, Under Burning Skies.

“Basically it’s a mix of soul, jazz, funk with Afro, Latin and Caribbean influences. So… a whole bunch of funky stuff, really,” he said.

L CON’s Lisa Conway says Insecurities in Being almost didn’t get made.

“This record came out of a period of feeling very insecure about making things and being a musician and songwriter and I came very close to quitting,” said Conway.

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