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2022 Posters


Charlotte Day Wilson – ALPHA

Designed by Kendra Yee

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Designed by Heavy Machinery

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Four The Moment — We’re Still Standing

Designed by Nessy

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Hubert Lenoir – PICTURA DE IPSE : Musique directe

Designed by Monnet Design

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Kelly McMichael – Waves

Designed by Tallulah Fontaine

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Lisa Leblanc – Chiac Disco

Designed by Mathieu Dionne

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Ombiigizi – Sewn Back Together

Designed by Josephine Guan

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Ouri – Frame of a Fauna

Designed by Mark Neil Balson

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Pierre Kwenders – José Louis And The Paradox Of Love

Designed by Noel Nanton — typotherapy

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Shad – TAO

Designed by Ashley Floréal

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SNFU — …And No One Else Wanted To Play

Designed by Kaitlynn Copithorne

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Snotty Nose Rez Kids – Life After

Designed by Dominic Ayre

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