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Guess The Polaris Music Prize Winner, Get A Car

· by Aaron Brophy

Our friends at Scion Sessions have just announced “Guess The Polaris Music Prize,” a special challenge that’ll test music fans’ psychic abilities and reward one correct clairvoyant with a really groovy prize — a two-year lease on a hot 2014 Scion tC.

This contest is really simple:

1) Take a look at the 2013 Polaris Music Prize Short List contenders.

2) Meditate for a bit on which of those 10 albums you think will win it all.

3) Go to the Scion Sessions site and log in your vote.

4) If you correctly guess who gets announced as the winner at the Polaris Gala in Toronto on September 23, then your name gets put in a draw to score some sweet Scion tC ride action.

You must register with and be logged in order to enter this contest. Create a Sessions Plus (SSNS+) account HERE. Please verify your account information is correct, including valid 10-digit phone number, prior to entering the contest. Entries are limited to one vote per person.


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