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Jurors Riff On 2017 Short List For Polaris Podcast EP.8

In the lead-up to our 2017 Polaris Music Prize Short List reveal, CBC Music assembled a panel of Polaris jurors including Adrian Lee, Jill Krajewski and Chaka Grier to discuss what they thought would make the Short List. Then, once the Short List was announced, those same jurors got together again after the reveal to tell host Raina Douris what they thought about the list.

The whole time Polaris Podcast operatives were rolling tape and have turned these before and after discussions into the latest episode of the Polaris Podcast.

In this episode you’ll find out what album Lee thought needed a different title, what record made Krajewski feel like she was on a yacht and which one Grier listens to in the dark.

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As an added bonus, we turned the music our jurors talked about into a pair of hot “inspired by” playlists which you can find at our Spotify and Apple Music channels, respectively. In addition to the acts on the Short List, these playlists feature magical sounds from the likes of DIANA, Mac DeMarco, River Tiber and Le Couleur.

Special thanks to CBC Music for all their help with this episode.


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