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Jurors Tackle 2018 Long List On Polaris Podcast EP17

When the 40 album Polaris Long List gets released each year it’s always cause for much discussion.

For the latest episode of the Polaris Podcast we got three of the jurors whose votes helped shape the Long List — Michael Rancic, Erin Lowers and Christine McAvoy — to analyze what trends they saw in this year’s list, what albums they voted for, and what album they think will win the whole thing this year.

At one point podcast host Steve Jordan asked the panel what they felt was the “most 2018” album on the Long List.

Rancic says it’s Daniel Caesar’s Freudian.

“It feels like it’s really his moment right now,” said Rancic.

Lowers endorsed Bonjay’s Lush Life.

“If we’re looking at what really speaks to Canada right now in the crossover genres and all that I think this is kind of what music is saying in this country,” said Lowers.

McAvoy, meanwhile, called attention to Snotty Nose Rez Kids’ The Average Savage.

“I fell in love with that album after the jury was pushing it for awhile and I’ve listened to it front-to-back so many times,” said McAvoy.

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