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Polaris 2011! Now with more money!

· by Steve Jordan

For the first time in our six year history, we're increasing the prize money. We will now be presenting the winner with a cheque for $30,000, and increase of $10,000. This increase is due in no small part to our good friends and presenting sponsor Sirius Satellite Radio Canada. Welcome back Sirius!

But wait, that's not all. We had a meeting with music industry hall-of-famer Gary Slaight a while back. He said to us “we need to give the artists who don't win something tooâ€. We agreed, so he put up $2,000 for each of the nine non-winning Short Listers.

We have lots of other amazing things planned this year, so watch this space, or follow us in the usual spaces, which are on our site.


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