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Polaris 2013 Gala Performance Special Airs November 17

· by Sarah Kurchak

If you, like us, are going through a serious case of Gala withdrawal, Polaris and AUX have just the thing to tie you over until Polaris 2014-mania stars running wild.

Polaris Performances 2013, a compilation of all of the performances from our 2013 Gala will be simulcast on AUX (Rogers 107/699, Shaw 138) and HIFI (Rogers 538, Bell 1623, Shaw 249) on Sunday, November 17 at 9 PM ET/PT.

Now, we should warn you that this broadcast will strictly feature the performances, and none of the other swearing and camel toe-sporting shenanigans that went on that magical night, which has caused some consternation among our Gala co-host Kathleen Edwards and her fans.

We have a solution for this.

Simply load AUX’s inspired collection of GIFs from Edwards’s hosting duties and lovingly glance at it from time to time while you watch Polaris Performances 2013 on TV. It’ll be just like being there in the unitard-covered flesh.


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