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Polaris People For July 19: Reaction To The Short List

· by Aaron Brophy

The 10 nominated albums for the 2013 Polaris Music Prize Short List were announced this week and the reaction was, as per tradition…

Response to the Short List has been strong.

The L.A. Times has been trolling us about our “terrible” choices.

The National Post has been trolling them with sentences.

The Globe And Mail’s been letting both sides have a wee rant.

NOW Magazine’s been all, like, “I know. White people, right?”

The Toronto Star discovered that Metz just discovered what Polaris is.

Blouin Art Info divided things between the “good and the great.”

Over at Toronto Standard we found out the Young Galaxy record is like what would happen if a kindly robot wrote you a love letter.

And our friends and broadcast partners at AUX TV have started making snappy video profiles of Short Listers.

Now let’s see what some of the actual Short Listers had to say about their nominations.


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