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Polaris People For The Week Of April 6 ““ Plants And Animals, Owen Pallett, Great Lake Swimmers And More

· by Aaron Brophy

Death March is over. At last.

Don’t know what that is? It’s a uniquely Canadian music experience where each year during the month of March bands, label people, writers and “miscellaneous” do SXSW in Austin, Texas one week, then Canadian Music Week in Toronto, Ontario the next, then the Juno Awards in some random Canadian city the week after.

Basically it leaves everyone who likes music hungover, flu-ridden and full of STDs.

We’ve got the cure for all of it, though: A nice cup of tea, some biscuits, and 15 minutes by yourself to click through what the best of the best, the Polaris People have been up to this week.

2009 Short List nominees Great Lake Swimmers fancy themselves the outdoorsy types, but apparently they’re also urban explorers.

Arcade Fire wreak havoc in Wyoming!

The Weeknd has been earning himself some admirers. The 2011 Short Lister has a devoted fan in 2009 Long Lister Coeur De Pirate.

International success has its perks. For 2008 Short Lister Kathleen Edwards, apparently it means getting to stare at Rihanna’s back.

Damian Abraham, the Mad Dog Vachon doppelganger who fronts 2009 Polaris champs Fucked Up, got into a twitter war with Katy Perry followers last week.

Joel Plaskett is a rare double-Short List nominee from both 2007 and 2009. He also fancies himself the Johnny Appleseed of a new Halifax scene and wants to save the salmon. Oh, and he played The Strombo Show last week, too.

In life-after-Broken Social Scene news, Brendan Canning’s new/old band Cookie Duster will be putting out a seven-inch for Record Store Day (April 21)

Owen Pallett, a former champion and contributor to about 10 per cent of all Polaris-approved records, recently helped out a Polaris ineligible act — The Mountain Goats. You can hear the results here.

Both Radio Radio and Plants And Animals have new videos for our entertainment. RR’s is called “Galope” and P&A’s is “The End Of That.”

And finally, congratulations to Feist, Dan Mangan, The Sadies and Malajube, all fine Polaris People who were Juno Award winners last week.


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