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Polaris People For The Week Of December 21: Grimes Bingo, Weeknd Smolders, Kathleen Edwards Hearts IKEA Monkey

· by Aaron Brophy

Alright, we’ve got about a week left of hardcore consumerism before January arrives and that awkward realization that, man, I spent waaay too much hits your pocketbook.

Before you reach that phase, however, let us remind you about the Official Polaris Music Prize Gift Guide, featuring books authored by our jurors, rare and exotic poster prints. Anything in there makes for an excellent gift and/or supporter-of-the-arts purchase.

Speaking of supporting the arts, let’s see what some Polaris People were up to this week:

Kicking things off, let us contemplate the intriguing column written by hard rocker Danko Jones about his favourite Canadian noise rock bands of the ’90s. Two unlikely Polaris People, Joel Plaskett and AC Newman, make the list. Read why.

Arcade Fire and James Murphy? Totally doing it. Or something. Also, here’s a thing on Howard Bilerman.

Someone needs to get The Weeknd a fire extinguisher asap.

Now let’s focus on what some of the Short Listers from 2012 were up to.

If you’re Anthony Bourdain and you’re coming to Toronto, it probably doesn’t take more than one quick look at him to realize Fucked Up‘s Damian Abraham knows a thing or two about food. (Ba-Boom?)

Drake is such an inspiration. Not only did the 2012 Short Lister make Forbes’ 30-under-30 list, there’s also a whole world of Drake-spirational messages on the internet.

Ever wondered how Grimes is as a bingo caller? Well wonder no more.

Ever wonder what a portrait of 2012 champ Feist being gently caressed by the Smoke Monster from Lost would look like? Well wonder no more.

Kathleen Edwards
has been endorsed by IKEA Monkey.

So, Japandroids. Let’s just list-ify this business.

1) Vancouver Sun — Triumphant return home.

2) The Province — Triumphant return home.

3) The Globe And Mail — Best Canadian album?

4) Pittsburgh Post-Gazette — Best album.

5) National Post — Japandroids are for the children.

6) Calgary Herald — Japandroids are explosive.

7) StarPhoenix — Don’t miss Japandroids.

Finally, let’s look at another batch of best-of lists. This time, best songs. We’ve got five of ’em for you to get started on:

Rolling Stone

Vancouver Sun

Said The Gramophone


Cult MTL


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