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Polaris People For The Week Of February 22: 10 Great Gifs Edition

· by Aaron Brophy

Sometimes we here in Polarisland need to shake things up a bit. So rather than compile all the latest brilliant bits of intersection between the music media and past Polaris nominees like we usually do, this week we did something different — we went gif hunting.

That’s right, we plunged headfirst into Tumblr’s darkest depths of fandom and here’s what we found:

Grimes (2012 Short List)
credit: ueberbrueder

This is clearly Grimes pretending she’s Sauron entering the battlefield at the Siege of Barad-dur.

Grimes as Sauron photo tumblr_m9fdmkaw3B1ql3tvpo1_500_zpsfcdfec0f.gif

Leonard Cohen (2009, 2012 Long List)

This one was called “Leonard Cohen — White Man Dancing.”

 photo lc-dance_o_GIFSoupcom_zps26694a3a.gif

Feist (2012 Champ, 2007 Short List)

Leslie Feist pretends she’s Chad Kroeger.

 photo tumblr_mhj1igDcXb1rg10mbo1_400_zpsddcc0a1a.gif

Fucked Up (2009 Champs, 2012 Short List)
credit: The Grid

This is bad sit-up form. (Also, check out some of The Grid’s other Polaris gifs.)

 photo fuckedup_zps8a456159.gif

Drake (2012 Short List)
credit: r0nisha

#YOLO, amiright?

 photo tumblr_mi2elp3PZR1qdtcjjo1_500_zpsaa1df254.gif

Neil Young (2011 Long List)
credit: raindanceangel

We were really hoping to find gifs of Shakey smoking some of those massive joints from Journey Through The Past. Alas, it doesn’t appear that Neil fans are prolific giffers.

 photo neil-young_o_GIFSoupcom_zps10a1d3c1.gif

Metric (2006 Short List, 2009 Short List)
credit: portraitd-unefemme

Anyone else look at this and automatically start humming Ultravox’s “Dancing With Tears In My Eyes”? Anyone?

 photo tumblr_mi1ey9J8Ae1qzgnfko1_500_zpsec4ce1d9.gif

Coeur de Pirate (2009 Long List, 2012 Long List)
credit: hey_margot1

Well, this is clearly self-explanatory.


Owen Pallett (2006 Champ, 2010 Short List)
credit: thefragileclass

That is the picture of a man pleased with what he just accomplished.

 photo tumblr_luy1ilqOJY1qitlfro1_500_zps36db3f59.gif

Sloan (2011 Long List)
credit: sabbyrinarp

If this isn’t the most gif-able moment in Canadian music, I don’t know what is.

 photo 1303853_o_zpsed6f60f5.gif


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