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Polaris People For The Week Of June 1 ““ Patrick Watson Has A Show, The Weeknd's Being Courted, Metric Have Influence And More

· by Aaron Brophy

That quiet you hear? That's the Polaris Music Prize jury in deep contemplation about what albums each and every member will be putting on their Long List ballot.

Yes, as of today, the eligibility window for records to being considered for the 2012 Polaris Prize has closed and now it's time to start voting and begin the slow march to determine which album will become the 2012 winner.

If you're looking for intrigues, three former Polaris winners — Karkwa, Fucked Up and Patrick Watson — have albums that are eligible for consideration in 2012 and the opportunity to do something that's never been done before in Polaris history: win twice.

Meanwhile, our favourite people, the Polaris People, continue to do interesting things this week:

In case you weren't aware, Cadence Weapon has just released a new album that's called “Hope In Dirt City.â€

2007 Short List nominees and virtually useless google alert search the Junior Boys recently did a video interview with Face Culture. To watch it click HERE.

Murray Lightburn, the lead singer for twice-nominated act (one Long, one Short) The Dears, has started a photo blog. So, um, check out some stuff.

Not only did he/they recently do an NPR Tiny Desk show, but Patrick Watson recently performed in Toronto. You could tell because everyone reviewed the show. Unfortunately, there were no cowboy aliens in the audience.

So, earlier in article you were probably, like, “Wha? Karkwa ain't got no new album. That dude's on crack.†You're wrong, I'm right.

Not-so-underground-anymore 2010 Short Lister The Weeknd is apparently contemplating business relationships with P.Diddy, Puffy Daddy and Sean Combs AND Drake. He's also performing in London, England soon and won stuff at the Stylus Awards (no, he didn't show up).

Double Short Listers Metric have been getting lots of attention, hitting covers, drowning in sounds and scoring some love from influential radio stations.

Most backyards contain a healthy combination of squirrels, worms, mosquitoes and feral cats. However, there's now a chance twice-Short Listed Joel Plaskett could end up in your backyard instead.

K'naan, another twice-Short Listed act, has apparently created a record that's scientifically designed to appeal to Americans. (For an extra $1.29 you get double-cheese).

Finally, a pile (Arcade Fire, Tegan And Sara, The Dears, Stars, Broken Social Scene, Karkwa, etc) of Polaris People have come out in support of the casseroles of Quebec. If this many awesome acts are getting behind something, shouldn't you?


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