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Polaris People For The Week Of May 10: Chad VanGaalen Gets Noticed & Dan Mangan Gives Tips

· by Aaron Brophy

Off the top, a hat tip to Finland’s Kaija Saariaho and Senegal’s Youssou N’Dour who’ve been named the laureates for the 2013 Polar Music Prize.

The Swedish award is given out annually to two people regardless of nationality, “for significant achievements in music and/or musical activity, or for achievements which are found to be of great potential importance for music or musical activity, and it shall be referable to all fields within or closely connected with music.”

Speaking of musical activities, word on the street is that the bitchin’ airbrushed bald eagle t-shirt I just got at Value Village for $2.99 won’t cut it at this year’s Polaris Gala.

There are, however, some people who can wear whatever they want to the Polaris Gala. That would be our favourite people, the Polaris People.

Let’s see what some of them were up to this week.

Former Short and Long Lister Dan Mangan has a tip for air travel — wear your in-ear monitor and watch episodes of Twin Peaks. He’s also aiming for another fluke.

Two-time Short Lister Chad VanGaalen continues to get noticed for his animation work. Cartoon Brew is the latest place to highlight his often “continuously morphing, intricately formed loops that he draws both digitally and traditionally.”

Kathleen Edwards, a two-time Short Lister and good Ottawa gal has a message for Montreal.

Colin Stetson, the man who to the best of our understanding has a lung capacity similar to Michael Phelps, continues to promote his latest album, New History Warfare Vol. 3: To See More Light. He’s also educating us about other saxophonists and ending warfare.

How about that Drake? This week we discovered that there’s an app where you can dress him and he’ll be guest starring on the new album by the T&C parts of TLC. Considering he’s already exhumed Aaliyah, Brandy & Monica might want a heads up. We’re pretty sure they’re next.

Grimes has a new/old video for the 2010 song “Venus In Fleurs.” It’s for the birds.

In really cool sounding concert event news, reigning Polaris champ Feist will headline Daniel Lanois’ second annual Greenbelt Harvest Picnic, being held Sept. 1 at the Christie Lake Conservation Area near Hamilton.

Also, 2010 Short Listers Tegan And Sara will be doing something far cooler than you will be next week — they’ll be hanging out with Blur. That’s because the twins will be part of the Big Sound Festival at Lapangan D, Senayan in South Jakarta, Indonesia on May 15 where Damon Albarn and the gang are headlining. Also, this is a fun read.

Finally, there was a triple shot of bad news this week.

First, 2010 Long Listers Apollo Ghosts have called it a day.

Second, pour one out for Bande à part, the brave French wave Radio-Canada property which has been shut down.

Third, r.i.p. to former Toronto Star music writer Greg Quill, who passed away earlier this week at age 66.


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