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Polaris People For The Week Of May 24: K'naan Not Being Safe And Austra's Tickle Trunk

· by Aaron Brophy

Our first official Polaris Salon of the 2013 season is happening this weekend in Banff, Alberta. Consider this your official reminder. If you live in or around Cowtown and you don’t come out for this we’re taking you off our daily dirty joke email newsletter.

If you’re sensing some tension in the rippling time-fabric of the Polaris universe, that would be because we’re getting very close to the June 13 reveal of the 2013 Polaris Music Prize Long List. At this very moment jurors across Canada are deep into finalizing their Top 5 album ballots.

There are some people free of this tension, however, the Polaris People — those artists who’ve already been deemed artistically worthy by our jurors in past years. Let’s see what some of them have been up to:

Linguistic gymnasts and 2010 Short Listers Radio Radio have started working on a new album. That, and they’ve got a show on May 30 they want you to know about.

Radio Radio dans les studios du Centre Phi from PHI Centre on Vimeo.

Our friends and 2013 Polaris Gala broadcast partners AUX TV got the lowdown on former champs Fucked Up‘s new album. It’s apparently “politely aggressive” and “melodic.” Just like Blink-182!

Remember, Mr. Dressup’s Tickle Trunk? Austra apparently have one. And it may be more of a big sack than a trunk.

For music completely un-Tickle Trunk-related, here’s a video of Ron Sexsmith performing his song “Trains.” Choo-choo!

And to complete the video embed portion of this week’s column, past Short and Long Lister The Weeknd has released the full audio for his new song “Kiss Land.”

Elsewhere, we found out electro sorceress and 2012 Short Lister Grimes lied to get into McGill Physics (and got a B-). Also, if you do Limp Bizkit during karaoke in front of her she may become concerned.

Twice Short Listed musician/actor/writer K’naan is working on new material for a prospective fall release. His guiding philosophy for these new song is to “be honest about things and not necessarily be safe.”

How about that Drizzy? A week after decimating the BET Award nominations, Drake is also set to run things at the MuchMusic Video Awards. Oh, and he’s just hanging out with Jay-Z. No big deal. And then there’s this.

In other non-Polaris award news, congratulations are in order for Belgian violinist Marc Bouchkov who won the $30,000 grand prize at the 2013 Montreal International Musical Competition (MIMC). Patrick Watson’s band then threw pitchers of water at him (if you were at the 2009 Polaris Gala this would sort of make sense).

Finally, mad props to master shooter and official Polaris photographer Dustin Rabin who recently relaunched his website. There are photos of Paul McCartney just chillin’.


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