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Polaris People For The Week Of May 25 ““ Sarah Harmer Rides A Bike, Cadence Weapon Gets Angry And More

· by Aaron Brophy

In the history of the Polaris Music Prize their have been six winners and debate about whether or not each of them was deserving still rages to this day.

Next level arguers have even been known to go so far as to tackle which of the winners is the best winner.

This is dangerous territory. So we've decided to provide our own answer about who's the winnerest of the winners. Our method? Scrabble tile valuation.


Final Fantasy “He Poos Cloudsâ€
Scrabble tile total point value: 41

Patrick Watson “Close To Paradiseâ€
Scrabble tile total point value: 44

Caribou “Andorraâ€
Scrabble tile total point value: 19

Fucked Up “The Chemistry Of Common Lifeâ€
Scrabble tile total point value: 68

Karkwa “Les Chemins De Verreâ€
Scrabble tile total point value: 44

Arcade Fire “The Suburbsâ€
Scrabble tile total point value: 33

So there you go. Fucked Up is totally the best.

Meanwhile, our favourite people, the Polaris People, were up to all sorts of interesting stuff again this week.

2006 Short List nominee Sarah Harmer thinks you should go for a bicycle ride when you're in a slump. Also, if you sing her songs in coffee lineups it may make for love connections.

It's not quite Crosby, Stills Nash & Young recording and releasing “Ohio,†but did you see the red patch Arcade Fire thing? Torquil Campbell of Stars seems to approve. Also, our reigning champs' connection to TS Eliot.

Dallas Good of the 2010 nominees The Sadies has opened up about what it's like to work with unredeemable pervert Andre Williams.

Past double tweener nominee (one Short List, one Long List nom) Cadence Weapon is really, really pissed about some dick named Foodlot being a dick.

Emily Haines of past Short Listers Metric has a totally hot new custom keyboard stand.

According to folks in Nashville, past double tweeners (this really isn't going to stick, is it?) Plants And Animals have been downgraded from “weird†to “idiosyncratic.†I hate when that happens.

Want to really freak out your parents? Tell them you're really getting into opera. Kinda like how Austra's Katie Stelmanis freaked out her parents.

Ron Sexsmith, a past Short Lister from 2010, could apparently benefit from some well-intentioned drunkards at his shows.

Yet another Polaris juror has gone public in trying to determine the five records they're going to put on their upcoming Polaris ballot. Our tip: pick the ones you like the most.

Finally, in an epidemic of awesome, promoters everywhere have decided that Polaris People make the best kind of people… for concerts. There will be our peeps at the exciting Fredrock Fest in Fredericton, NB, the Canada Day party in Oro, ON, that All Tomorrow's Party in Somerset, UK being curated by The National, the Folk Festival On The Canal in Montreal, QC, the Greenbelt Picnic in Dundas, ON and, y'know, Austin City Limits.


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