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Polaris People For The Week Of November 23: Metric Reviews And Plaskett's Places

· by Aaron Brophy

For those not up on our new feature Polaris Picks we’ll kindly remind you that this week it was David Dacks, an Exclaim editor and music director for Toronto’s Music Gallery, who wrote about the worth of Ratchet Orchestra’s album, Hemlock. You can find out about that here.

Additionally, we’re less than a week away from our official debut Polaris Salon in New York City. We’ve added Will Hermes (Rolling Stone, The New York Times, NPR) to the cast of esteemed panelists, so it’s kinda a big deal.

Now let’s look at some other big deals, the Polaris People, to see what everyone was up to this week.

To kick off this edition let’s direct your attention to some hilarious gifs of 2012 Short Lister Drake. You kids and your internet. P.S. our favourite is the one where he falls down. Because people falling down is often funny.

Two-time Short Listers Metric have been crossing the country on their officially-a-big-deal-now arena tour and folks have been dutifully reviewing the shows.

Here’s what the Winnipeg Sun, the Regina Leader-Post, the Edmonton Journal and the Montreal Gazette had to say about the shows. The Edmonton Sun took a lot of photos of Emily.

That hinted at live album from former Short and Long Listers The Dears is officially a thing. The album is called Live At Pasaguero because people in Mexico are totally nuttytown for the Montreal band. They talked about it with the folks at CBC.

While we’re talking about merchandise for a bit, anyone interested in art prints of Grimes? Or maybe an iPhone case? Because we know a hook-up.

Julie Doiron made the Polaris Short List back in the early days of 2007. Now she’s taken to playing concerts in people’s offices while fighting off the bummers.

Cold Specks
let the San Francisco Examiner in on a fun story about how her parents figured out she wasn’t going to university. It all worked out because she got an endorsement from the Cult of Starbucks this week. She’s still waiting on that call from Tom Waits, though.

Got a brilliant idea for a thinkpiece about how past Short and Long Lister The Weeknd has totally changed the game in the music business? You’re too late. Double too late.

This one’s a bit of a mixed blessing considering we actually want to experience the Clayton Park Joel Plaskett sang about on his 2007 Short Listed album Ashtray Rock. But apparently there’s more to the area than drunk teenagers wanting to start fights. There’s, like, some stores there.

Over at North Country Public Radio there’s a fascinating story on 2012 Long Listers A Tribe Called Red and their culturally uniting “Electric Pow Wow” club nights. You can read it, or listen to it, by heading over here.

Finally, multiple Polaris People were winners at the recent GAMIQ Awards hoouring the best in Quebec independent music. Hat tips to Avec pas d'casque, Grimes and YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN who were among the winners.


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