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Polaris People For The Week Of September 13: Dan Mangan's Ride And Arcade Fire Everything

· by Aaron Brophy

We did a script reading for the Polaris Gala this week.

Basically, we’re going to unleash the Krakleen. It will be… well, do yourself a favour.

Let’s see what the Polaris People got up to this week…

First off, there appears to be something going on with former champs Arcade Fire right now.

Certainly current Short Listers Tegan And Sara appear to be onside with the Arcade Fire.

Elsewhere, the only reason we really needed was “he looks a little like A-Train,” but for anyone unconvinced, Red Bull just published “Five Reasons You Should Love Damian Abraham” from fellow former champs Fucked Up.

Owen Pallett, another former champ, is wishing peculiar things for Leslie Feist in the last days of her reign.

Basia Bulat, a former Short and Long Lister, got some valuable advice from Emmylou Harris recently. She also plays a lot of different instruments:

On Saturday fellow former Short and Long Lister Dan Mangan will get his motor runnin’ on the highway for the big Music Therapy Ride event. It’s a biker thing for a good cause.

Current Short Lister Colin Stetson is teaming up with Sarah Neufeld score a film called Blue Caprice. The movie’s about the Beltway sniper attacks in Washington, DC in 2002.

In this week’s Drake news, Wu-Tang Clan think he’s alright, he has something going on with a soccer video game and apparently he looks hot. Whew, we were worried about that.

Finally, shout outs to our friends at the Barclay Music Prize. They just announced their 2013 Short List and it’s a good one.


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