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Polaris People For The Week Of September 6: Broken Social Scene News And Arcade Fire Anticipation

· by Aaron Brophy

No spoilers, but I just got wind of one of our just-confirmed, yet-to-be-announced presenters at the Polaris Gala and let’s just say this one will provide a giddy electric thrill to anyone who enjoys a touch of unintended (but delicious) rabble-rousing in their art.

The above statement will only have a reveal that makes sense if you buy a ticket to the Gala.

Keeping with the theme of mysterious rewards based on purchases, this year’s Scion-Polaris split seven-inch single series has been announced. It’s simple: 1) Buy an album from the Polaris Short List from a cool record store. 2) Get a free mystery 45.

Meanwhile, let’s see what our favourite people — the Polaris People — have been up to.

We are THREE DAYS away from the great Arcade Fire reveal. I hope it’s to tell us they made a concept album about cats on the internet.

Brendan Canning, famous for Broken Social Scene and occasionally hypnotic facial hair, has a new video for “Plugged In.”

Kevin Drew, also famous for Broken Social Scene and occasionally hypnotic facial hair, thinks those damn kids need to learn an instrument.

Relatedly, team BSS (plus Polaris juror Ben Rayner, plus Slant) have been supporting Dears member Murray Lightburn’s new solo album.

Also, Voir did this thing with Lightburn and fellow Polaris People Patrick Watson and Kid Koala before Pop Montreal.

Current Short Listers A Tribe Called Red are tackling the Nepean Redskins Football Club. Relatedly, stands like these aren’t about being political, they’re about representing culture.

If we had to hazard a guess, it would be that, yes, the Vancouver Sun really likes current Short Listers Tegan And Sara.

Meanwhile, their fellow current nominee Colin Stetson appears to only be useful for menacing.

Finally, a reminder. THIS is one of the people we hired to co-host the upcoming Polaris Gala (props to Shad for being normal).


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