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Polaris People: Stompin' Tom Connors Tribute Edition

· by Aaron Brophy

On Wednesday, March 6 Stompin’ Tom Connors, perhaps the single-most definingly Canadian musician to ever step up to a microphone, passed away due to natural causes at age 77.

The tributes have come quick and wonderfully, with Tom getting called Canada’s Woodie Guthrie, the ultimate patriot, an unlikely punk rock icon, and one of the nation’s great poets.

Rheostatics member and dogged Tom follower Dave Bidini euologized him, sports sites went so far as to investigate whether the game Tom sung about in “The Hockey Song” actually really happened, and even the New York Times ran an obituary of him.

Unsurprisingly, a great many Polaris People were also affected by the news and took to Twitter to express their appreciation for the Stomper.

R.I.P. Stompin Tom Connors


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