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Studio Moves To Support 2012 Polaris Champion In Europe

· by Aaron Brophy

The winner of the 2012 Polaris Music Prize will earn more than just a giant $30,000 cheque and the eternal jealousy of their peers.

They’ll also score a key piece of equipment in ensuring their next U.K. or European tour doesn’t devolve into Griswold family-style National Lampoonery — an exclusive splitter tour bus courtesy of premiere tour support company, Studio Moves.

Studio Moves, whose past clients include Polaris champs Arcade Fire, Long Listers Crystal Castles and Leonard Cohen, as well as pretty much every British or continental European artist who makes albums you’d like, will set up the Polaris champ with a top of the line Mercedes 316 Sprinter, with automatic transmission, on their next tour.

This will NOT be like that Canadian tour grind from Winnipeg through Thunder Bay and into the heart of Ontario that breaks up so many bands. No, words like “full reclinable Italian leather seats,” “2 x 22″ flat screen TVs to view the thousands of movies stored on the internal hard drive” and “onboard touch screen computers” on top of supplied PS3s and air conditioning will all go a long way towards helping this year’s Polaris victor experience the old world in the style they deserve.

To find out more about the services Studio Moves provides, go here.


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