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The Posters are here! The Posters are here!

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Way back in ’06 when Polaris started, we racked our brain to come up with a proper gift for the nominees. The idea of a trophy just seemed so impersonal. So Polaris Executive Director Steve Jordan, inspired by a visit to Flatstock poster art show during the ’06 SXSW, came up with idea of presenting each nominees with a custom made print. Shawn Pestche, then of Pop Montreal, now of Sled Island Festival, stepped forward to curate these pieces. The idea was to recruit a graphic artist/print maker in each of the Short List nominee’s home town. The only requirements were that the poster needed to have the words Polaris Music Prize, the year, and artist’s name and album title. The rest was up to them.

The ’09’s are here and they’re gorgeous. They are extremely limited to a print run of 30. Check out the posters on the front page and if you like what you see, you’ll find links (where available) to their work on the Short List page, under nominees.


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