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Listen To The Polaris Sound Series: Tounes Playlist

· by Bruno Coulombe

As poet and singer Gilles Vigneault said, “Francophonie is a large country, with no borders.” Francophone music also knows no borders, not just physical but also in terms of genres or types of expression. It embraces just about every form of music: folk, rock, pop, hip-hop, electronic; and may alternately be politically engaged, sentimental, poetic or simply funny.

In Canada, Francophone music remains a strong marker of identity in Québec, but also in Acadia and in other communities. It sometimes blends seamlessly with other languages, such as English, Creole or Chiac, not as a sign of its impoverishment, but as a testimony to its richness, since it can shine while embracing other cultures.

The songs on this playlist showcase such a diversity. Here we discover rock acts like Karkwa, Malajube and Galaxie; the rough-edged folk of Fred Fortin, Lisa LeBlanc and Jean Leloup; the elaborated pop of Avec pas d’casque, Klô Pelgag and Lydia Képinski; singer-songwriters such as Les sœurs Boulay, Cœur de Pirate and Pierre Lapointe; hip-hop representatives Alaclair Ensemble, Dead Obies and Pierre Kwenders; electronic dark synth musician Marie Davidson… Almost 30 artists, and just as many ways to express the pride of singing in French.

Curated by Bruno Coulombe.

Supported by High Commission of Canada in the United Kingdom.


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