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Listen To The Polaris Sound Series: And Now, Us Playlist

There are few things more empowering than being seen as one wants to be seen. Gender minorities in music can often be forgotten, overlooked, or pigeon-holed into specific roles that they must keep wearing the costumes for, even after they become thin and worn. Music should not be a space for forced creation, but a […]

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Listen To The Polaris Sound Series: Diaspora Playlist

This playlist highlights the Canadian refugee and immigrant experience, featuring first- and second-generation immigrants to Canada from disparate locales. The diasporic vibes represented here is a Canadian-rooted sonic excursion conveying the shared hopes, disparate dreams and relatable reasons for leaving one home for another. It’s important to note that while there is a connective energy […]

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Listen To The Polaris Sound Series: Indigeneity Playlist

The Indigenous storytellers in this playlist will take the listener on a sonic journey through the experiences of the Indigenous people of Canada, laying bare the scars of colonialism, and lead us from the pain, frustration and desperation to the glorious resurgence of cultural liberation and pride. Everything in this world is part of a […]

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