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Searchlight! Don't vote for us!
FEBRUARY 04 2011 • By Polaris Music Prize
We are, of course, honoured to have been nominated for this award and we must thank whoever put us forward for consideration. But here's the thing. Or things.

1) We do think our site's pretty awesome. But so many do it so much better with more regularity. We suggest you peep BangBang, ChartAttack, ChippedHip, Chromewaves, CokeMachineGlow, ExploreMusic, FromBlownSpeakers, HeroHill, i(Heart)Music, MidnightPoutine, NXeW, QuickBeforeItMelts, RadioFreeCanuckistan, SaidTheGrammophone, Soundproof, TinyMixTapes, and Zoilus. And those are just the ones that are also on our jury. You could also visit the sites of any of our nominees from the past, also linked in this here site, as are our those of our jury members. Make sure you have an hour or two of discovery time to kill.
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It's the End of the Year as we Know it
DECEMBER 27 2010 • By Polaris Music Prize
Year-end music lists are staple of the muzo journo diet in December. Most of our jury members have posted their versions by now (see the handy links down on the right, but beware that exploring all their recommendations might chew up what's left of your holiday time). And, most excitingly, Polaris Short Listers have also shown up on Best of the Year lists well beyond our borders. With puffed up chests, here are some of our faves:
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There are two ways to get your hands on the Polaris posters.
SEPTEMBER 24 2010 • By Polaris Music Prize
There's the high-roller option. This is an auction. These are limited in number and are signed by each of the nominated musicians. All of the proceeds from this auction go to MusiCounts.

Or, you can get one of the reproductions, slightly smaller, directly from our site for just $15. Just click on the Posters link to the right of this post! 2$ of each sale of this version also go to MusiCounts.
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1st ever Gala Screening Party @ The Drake!
SEPTEMBER 15 2010 • By Polaris Music Prize
The gala is invite only, but now there's a way to celebrate the Short List and breathlessly await the winner announcement. Our friends at The Drake Hotel in Toronto and music education charity MusiCounts have joined forces to bring you the first ever Polaris Gala Screening Party.
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Polaris on Walls.
SEPTEMBER 08 2010 • By Polaris Music Prize
Our new friends at the Canteen Art Shop and Gallery in Ottawa approached us back in the Spring with the idea of doing an art show with our Polaris prints.

"Great idea" we said. So they've gone ahead and done it.
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